RECORDS, 1984-1995

(Bulk dates, 1992-1995)

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Historical background on Denis Goldberg Papers

In June 1964 Denis Goldberg was sentenced to life imprisonment, to incarceration in a South African prison for the rest of his life. When he was sentenced, at the end of the Revonia Trial, he was 31.

Since 1971 his wife Esme was not allowed to visit him. His mother Annie, who died in 1975, was given permission to visit her son once (after she moved to England) in 1974. And in 1980 his father who had been his constant link with life outside, died in Johannesburg. Both Annie and Sam Goldberg were life long political activists, members of the Communist Party and participated in the national liberation struggle in South Africa since the 1930s when they first came into the country, Annie originally from England, Sam from Lithuania.

Denis grew up in Cape Town in atmosphere of heightened political consciousness. At Observatory Boys School his athletic abilities developed, as did his gift for the practical and scientific. He qualified as a civil engineer at the University of Cape Town and met and married Esme Bodenstein, a champion swimmer and his match in every way. They both joined the Modem Youth Society, which attracted young people of all national groups who wanted a change of government based on the ‘one person, one vote’. In 1955 Denis was among the founding members of the Congress of Democrats (COD) and was elected Treasurer. At the time COD worked for mass support for the Congress of the People and Denis attended the historic Kliptown Conference in 1955 as a delegate from the Western Cape, arriving despite police blockades, lorry breakdown and impediments all the way of the journey.

For those young years, Denis was practical and intrepid. He always believed and made others believe that obstacles were there to be overcome and his enthusiastic optimism infected those who worked with him. That optimism was always with him through all the horrors of South African prison existence. Denis Goldberg was finally released in the mid 80s and continues working for the re-construction of a new South Africa. In this regard, he donated his papers to the University of Fort Hare as part of records of resistance against apartheid donated already by the liberation movements, as well as other individual or family activists.



Scope and Content Note

Denis Goldberg Papers comprised of 1.2 linear metres and two series: Correspondence, and Subject Files.

The Correspondence series spans the years 1991-1996. The files reflect Denis Goldberg’s activities and interaction with both VIPs in the country and abroad on the needs and wants of uplifting the educational and socio-economic status of the previously disadvantaged South Africans.

The Subject Files series covers a wide range of issues from 1983-1995. For instance, the documents contain valuable information on how Denis Goldberg took initiatives to seek funding and other resources for the educational, health and other projects in South Africa.



Series I — Correspondence


Box 0001
0001. Africa National Congress, 1991-1994
0002. ANC Project Department London section, 1992-1994
0003. 15 days SA-tour (faded)
0004. Gambling Act
0005. Goldberg Denis, 1991-1996 (2 folders)
0006. Heart Heath &Refugee Trust of SA, 1994-1995
0007. Investment Consultants S.A, 1995
0008. Jews, 1995
0009. Mayibuye Centre, 1994
0010. Northern Province
0011. Province of Eastern Cape, 1995
0012. Republic of Namibia
0013. South Africa Communist Party, 1995
0014. South Africa History Archives, 1992
0015. South African Projects Group, 1992
0016. Walk’ n Talk Tape Tours, 1994 (Faded)
0017. Botshabelo Clinic, 1992


Box 0002
0018. David Voorslag Alice, 1992
0019. Film Project to Mike (Sweden), 1992
0020. Prof. Reddy, 1992
0021. Request for twenty clinics, 1992
0022. Science labs, 1992
0023. School Questionnaire, 1992
0024. Suttner, Raymond (P.E Dept. Project), 1992



Series II –Subject Files


Box 0003
0001. Address of schools in Trannskei
0002. Adult Learning Project (funding)
0003. Africa Fund, 1992
0004a. ANC Projects Department London, 1992
0004b. ANC Projects Department London, 1992 Cont.


Box 0004
0005. Aircraft, 1995
0006. Alexandra Health Centre, 1992
0007. Articles and stickers
0008. Basil Read/Bouygues, 1994-1995
0009. Batlagae Trust, 1992-1993
0010. Black Translations (literacy service)
0011. Block and Brickmaking-Transkei, 1991
0012. Carberson Projects, 1995
0013. Chertsey Caravans (photographs & drawing)
0014. Clinic ….


Box 0005
0015. Coloured affairs, 1983
0016. CT Conseil, 1995
0017. Curriculum Vitae
0018. Cuttings & copies
0019. De Keyser, Ethel, 1992
0020. Dr. G. Mbeki Fellowship Programme, 1992
0021. Educational Projects, 1991
0022. Fdesa, 1993
0023. Greater Glasgow Health Board, 1992


Box 0006
0024. Health Care, 1992
0025. Health Centre (report), 1990
0026. Health questionnaire
0027. Health Funds, 1992
0028. History of the ANC (documentary)
0029. Hospice Association (Wits), 1994
0030. Housing, 1995


Box 0007
0031. Industrial Labour Studies
0032. Isanamva Community Centre, 1992
0033. Jack Simon’s Memorial, 1995
0034. Jean Pierre Page, 1994
0035. Khanyisa Literary Project, 1992
0036. Laboratory equipment
0037. Learning Nation, 1992
0038. Leratong Pre-school, 1992
0039. Lusikisiki Civil Association, 1991-1992
0040. Makana Brick Moulders, 1992
0041. Minutes: Hearts Working Committee, 1992
0042. Mitsubishi Space wagon D197 DLN, 1991-1994


Box 0008
0043. National Health Service, 1992
0044. Open Door Productions (documentary on G. Mbeki)
0045. OTV International, 1995
0046. Postcards
0047. Press articles, 1987-1994
0048. Projects-UK, 1994-1995
0049. Race for Peace letters, 1993-1994
0050. Sapiera, Joy; (Archive film)
0051. School subjects
0052. Solidarity Campaign, 1991


Box 0009
0053. Speak Out, 1991-1994
0054. Speeches, 1985/1990-1994 Address to Scottish Trade Union congress (STUC) Botha, P.W: Letter by Denis Goldberg Comment on 1994 Elections 
 Community Heart De Klerk, F. W: Background information Democratic South Africa’s Alliances & Naval Strategy Interview: Denis by Fran Buntman. Liberation from the Burden of Unpayable Debt National Anthem. New Tools for old Politicos Nuclear Policy for A New South Africa. Relationship between the ANC & SACP (dissertation) Squaring the Circle 
 Why We Are Founding ‘Jubilee 2000
0054a. Speeches, 1985/1990-1994
0055. Strategy for Heart, 1992


Box 0010
0056. Sweden, 1992-1993
0057. Transvaal Rural Rural Action Committee, 1991
0058. Trucks, 1993-1994
0059. Twinning of Schools, 1991
0060. University of Forte, 1991-1992
0061. University of Natal, 1992-1993
0062. University of Transkei, 1991-1992


Box 0011
0063. Women Leardership
0064. Women in the PWV
0065. Women’s League
0066. Women’s National Coaliton, 1992
0067. Woodcraft folk
0068. Yarrow
0069. Zizamele Njwaxa Creche