RECORDS, 1990 – 1996

(bulk dates, 1993 – 1994 )

16 Boxes (1.7 linear meters)

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PROCESSED BY: Bonami Somokazi, Ntshingila Muzikayise and Seema Albert, February 2008

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Scope and Content Note

This Collection has three levels of arrangement. These levels are Record Group (Name of the collection ) Series and Folder level. Some of the series could not be further subdivided into sub series. So we arranged folders alphabetically but we had to indicate the Subdivisions in those series that have some subdivisions such as Correspondence and discussion documents.

The collection has about 16 boxes. ANC department of education consists of four series namely : correspondence, discussion documents, Minutes and Statement and Reports.

Series I Correspondence (4 boxes ) : The series consists of letters and memoranda from various department of the ANC, genera correspondence, Organisation and universities.


Series II Discussion documents (8 boxes): The series is subdivided into conferences, general discussion documents, organisations, policy, proposal and reconstruction and development programme.


Series III Minutes and Statements (2 Boxes) Due to insufficient folders to make an individual series (minutes and statements were incorporated to make one series but each has its own box) both are on various topics.

Series IV Reports (2 boxes) : Reports on various topics.



Series I – Correspondence


Box 0001
0001. ANC departments (Department of finance, transport and correspondence from all departments); 1991,1993
0002. Correspondence from department of Information and publicity in various regions, 1992
0003. Correspondence from different embassies to department of education, 1992
0004. Department of arts and culture and tyrannizing department, 1992-1994
0005. Department of human resources and Information publicity; 1992-1994
0006. General department of Education, 1993-1994
0007. General department of Education, n.d -1992


Box 0002
0008. Application for a bursary, n.d., 1991
0009. Advisory committee on the tetiary sector crisis to the minister of education, professor S.M. Bengu, 1991-1994
0010. ANC regions, 1993
0011. Centre of Education policy development, 1994
0012. General correspondence, n.d. 1991
0013. Mayor Dinkin’s visit to South Africa
0014. Ministry of education and culture, province of the Eastern Cape; 1995
0015. Ministry of justice; 1995
0016. National education co-coordination committee; 1990, 1992
0017. Reconstruction and development; n.d., 1991
0018. Request for financial assistance; 1991-1992


Box 0003
0019. Electronic media in education; 1993
0020. ES Elten systems; 1995
0021. Independent development trust and Luthuli trust; 1990- 1992,1994
0022. United nation non-governmental liaison service (NGLS); 1995
0023.Various organisation to department of educations; n.d,-1994


Box 0004
0024. Tertiary in Johannesburg (University of Witwatersrand, Witwatersrand technickon, Rand Africaans Universities, university of on advisory committee on tertiary crisis;1992,1994
0025. Tertiary institutions in KwaZulu Natal (University of natal, university of Zululand, M.L.Sultan, Mangosuthu technikon;technikon Natal) on advisory committee on tertiary crisis; 1994.
0026. Universities abroad; 1991-1992
0027. University of Northern Transvaal; university of North,Vaal triangle on advisory committee on Tertiary crisis; 1993, 1994
0028. University of Orange Free State and Technikon on advisory committee on tertiary crisis; 1994
0029. University of port Elizabeth and technikon Port Elizabeth and university of Fort Hare on Advisory committee on tertiary crisis; 1994
0030.University portchefstroom;1994
0031.University Pretoria;1994
0032.University Western Cape; 1994- missing
0033.University of South Africa and medical university of south Africa technikon south Africa on Advisory on tertiary crisis 1994
0034. Universities in the Western Cape (Western Cape University, Peninsula Technikon & university Of Stellenbosch and university of Cape Town) on advisory committee on tertiary crisis 1994


Box 0005
0001. Conference on affirmative action; 1991 October 10,11,12
0002. National education conference; 1993 December 15
0003. Conference on education and training for a changing south Africa; 1992 April 23;24
0004. Conference on international education assistance to disadvantaged south Africans; 1992 September 8,9
0005. NECC national on democratic governance in education; 1992 July 31-2nd August
0006. Education policy conference 1996 March 15-17


Box 0006
0007. Constitutional development
0008. Discussions on different subjects, n.d.
0009. Elections, nd.
0010. Handwritten notes, nd.
0011. General


Box 0007
0012. Implementation plan for education and training
0013. Proposals
0014. Tertiary education


Box 0008
0015. CODESA
0016. MPNP Agreements


Box 0009
0017. Housing form; n.d
0018. United Nations; n.d
0019. United democratic fronts; n.d.
0020. Up-trail trust, n.d


Box 0010
0021. The ANC’s policy on tertiary education; n.d.
0022. National education policy; n.d.
0023. Language in education policy, n.d
0024. Population policy; n.d
0025. ANC housing policy for a democratic SA, nd
0026. National cultural policy, n.d
0027. Language policy in education; June 1993


Box 0011
0027. Proposals for the establishment of an education policy analysis and development Capacity initiative,n.d
0028. Proposals to fund projects, n.d
0029. Propaganda proposals,n.d
0031. Education renewal strategy; n.d.
0032. Proposals for a south African science education project dealing with preconception and Problem solving strategies in primary science, n.d


Box 0012
0033. Arts and Culture, n.d
0034. Different sections in the reconstruction and development,nd.
0035. Drafts of the reconstruction and development programme documents, 5th and 6th drafts;1993 November 26, 1994 January 13,nd.
0036. Making the means justify the ends?theory and practice of the reconstruction and development Programme, n.d
0037. National Conference on the Reconstruction and development programme: NASREC exhibition Centre 1994 January 21-23
0038. Social welfare development and reconstruction and development programme,n.d
0039. Strategic planning for the implementation of the reconstruction and development Programme, n.d.
0040.Tertiary education,nd.
0041.Tripartite Alliances and Mass Democratic Movement, 1996


Box 0013
0001.Electronic media in education meeting of the steering committee to held at sached on Thursday 15th june 1993
0002. Minutes of distribution, subscription, sales and advertising and Mayibuye administration Sections held on;24/07/1992
0003. Minutes of the meeting of advisory committee on the tertiary sector crises held on September 1995 in cape town
0004. National consultative meeting on community colleges; 27 October 1992
0005. National educations and training forum (document for steering committee meeting)Thursday 2 September 1993.
0006. Minutes of national education committee meeting; 22/05/92
0007. Minutes of the staff meeting;1993,1995
0008. Minutes on various topics


Box 0014
0009. Press statement on Bisho massacre;7 September 1992
0010. Press statement on CODESA;1991-1992
0011. Press statement on patriotic front;1991
0012. Various statements; 1991,1992,1995


Box 0015
0001. Resolution on education; n.d.
0002. Masakhane Campaigns; n.d.
0003. Reconstruction development programme; n.d,1995 – 1996
0004. Reports on sached trust incorporating turret correspondence, n.d.
0005. General reports; n.d, 1994-1995


Box 0016
0006. Various workshop on (education, language, housing and Mayibuye);n.d 21-23 February 1992
0007. The role of religious institution in the dismantling of apartheid. (final report of the world Council churches and the united nation education, scientific and cultural organisation);n.d
0008. General reports; 1991-1993.