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The Biography of Chief Albert Luthuli

The Luthuli Memorial Foundation was established in 1970, in honour of the late Chief Albert John Luthuli. He was the president of the ANC from 1952 untill he died in 1967. It was established as a result of the initiative taken by his colleagues in the ANC, that his memory be perpetuated in a concrete manner. Among other people who were at the lunch of the Luthuli Memorial foundation was: Emperor Haile Selassie; President Julius Nyerere; President Kenneth Kaunda; Mr Diallo Telli, Secretary General of OAU, Professor Gunner Myrdal, Swedish Sociologists; lord Avebury; Bishop David Brown; Basil Davidson; HE Dr Leabua Jonathan; Archbishop Walter Makhulu and Masabalala B. Yengwa.

Chief Luthuli was born in about 1898 near Bulawayo in Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe. His father was employed there as an Evangelist and Interpreter at the Seventh Day Adventist mission. After the death of his father, his mother took him to his traditional home at Groutville in Natal. He was under the care of his uncle Martin Luthuli who was a founder of the Natal Native Congress. He completed his teacher’s course at Edendale near Pietermaritzburg. He then took up the running of the small primary school in the Natal Uplands. He further received the government bursary to attending higher teachers training course. Afterwards he was employed at the Adams Colleage alongside Z.K.Mathew, who was head of the college by then.

He was asked to become a chief by seniors from his tribe and for several times he refused. He was teacher and a lay preacher at the time he was asked to accept the chieftain ship. Finally, in 1935 he became chief of the Amaholwa tribe at Groutville in Natal. He returned home from the college to become the administrator of Tribal Affairs. He spent his life resolving problems of his community. He was mediator and adjudicator in local quarrels of his people. His travel overseas, to India in 1938 and the United States of America in 1948 as a church delegate, widened his political perspective.

After the illness and death of the ANC President, John L. Dube in 1946, he got more interested to strengthen the ANC. It was then that he began his political career. In 1948 he became a successor for Dube on the Natives Representative Council. He then advanced further to become the provincial president of the ANC in Natal. In November 1952 the then South African government dismissed him as chief of the Amakholwa tribe, after his refusal to resign. His dismissal made him to stand firm in the fight for freedom and against discrimination by the then government. In 1952 December he was elected President General of the ANC to succeed ANC president James Moroka.

During his political life, he fought to create a society where the African people and other racial groups will be united in creating a democratic South Africa. During that time when he was a freedom fighter the then government imposed a ban on his organisation, he faced a treason arrest in 1956 and in 1960 he was fined 100 pounds and a six months suspended for burning his pass in Pretoria. In 1961 he received a Nobel Peace Prize award.

A goods train reportedly killed Chief Albert John Luthuli on the 21st July 1967, while he was walking near the railway lines at his home in Natal.



Historical background on Luthuli Memorial Trust

The Luthuli Memorial Trust started out as Luthuli Memorial Foundation and then changed its name to Luthuli Cultural and Welfare Services up until it was incorporated as Luthuli Memorial Trust in 1991. Their headquarters were in London and it assisted exiled South African students to study abroad.
Initially the Luthuli Memorial Trust was set out to finance the following projects:

1. Education
To provide the scholarships for students denied the opportunity by the South African Education System. And to establish a vocational school elsewhere in Africa where South African students can be trained in skills that are not open to them under the apartheid regime

2. Research and publicity
To publicize the work and ideals of chief Luthuli and to do research on the History of the Liberation Movement in South Africa, as well as to establish the Luthuli Memorial Libraries both inside and outside South Africa.

3. Luthuli Emergency
To establish a fund for those carrying on the work which chief Luthuli left unfinished and assist the African National Congress to achieve his vision for a free South Africa.

4. Chief Luthuli Memorial Tombstone
To establish a fund for a commemorative tombstone to which the people of South Africa will be invited to make contributions.

The Foundation received funds from mainly from the following sources:

1. AUSTCARE –Australian Care for Refugees\
2. SIDA-Swedish International Development Agency
3. SARF-Southern African Relief Fund
4. UNESCO-United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
5. UNETPSA-United Nation Education Training Programme for Southern Africa
6. UNDP-United Nation Development Programme
7. FINNIDA-Finnish Development Agency

After the change of name to Luthuli Cultural and Welfare Service from Luthuli Memorial Foundation, the trust had the following as its three major programmes:
1. The Luthuli Scholarship Programme
2. The Luthuli Relief and Emergency Programme
3. The Luthuli provision programme for teachers of the school for South African refugee
Children (Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College).

During 1977 an office for Luthuli Memorial Trust was opened in Nigeria as a request by the ANC to the Nigerian Government to accommodate students at its tertiary institutions (universities, technikons, technical college). The request was made as a result of the large groups of students from the Soweto uprisings that were seeking refugee in the neighbouring countries to South Africa. The acceptance of those students would benefit the ANC in preparing the South African people for a democracy,
After the unbanning of the ANC in 1990 an office was opened in Johannesburg, to continue support and funding of the students who were studying outside South Africa and those who were coming back home.

Like any other Institution, the Foundation had Trustees. Trustees were appointed to oversee the smooth running of the Foundation and they were ANC members who were loyal to Chief Luthuli’s mission to educate the people of South Africa. The following people were among others, trustees of Luthuli Memorial Trust:
Cosmas Desmond; Thomas Titus Nkobi; Thabo Mbeki; Alfred Nzo; Dr Michael
Dummet; Prof. Gabriel Setiloane and Prof. Sibusiso Bengu. Seretse Choabi and Nathaniel Masemola served as Directors of the Luthuli Memorial Trust consecutively. Nathaniel served as the Director until closure of the office in1997.



Scope and Content Note

Though the Luthuli Memorial Foundation was established in 1970, we only have records from 1982 to 1996. There is a gap in the documents of the Luthuli Memorial Trust, which makes the collection small. Records are arranged in a chronological order even though there are gaps in the sequence. We have the records from the London Office and the Nigerian Office and we separated them into two subgroups. There are five series for each subgroup: (I) Correspondence, (II) Discussion Documents/Minutes of Meetings, (III) Statements/Reports of Meetings, (IV) Financial Documents, and (V) Student Matters.

Series I – Correspondence: London Office has 33 folders covering, years from 1982 to 1996; they are in Box 0001 to 0003 and the Nigerian Office Correspondence has 18 folders covering, years from 1988 to 1996; they are in Box 0008 and 0009.

Series II – Discussion documents/Minutes of Meetings: London office has 15 folders covering, years from 1982 to 1995; they are in Box 0004 and the Nigerian office has 8 folders covering, years from 1988 to 1994; they are in Box 10.

Series III – Statements/Reports of Meetings: London office has 22 folders covering, years from 1981 to 1995. They are in Box 5. The Nigerian office has 37 folders covering, years from 1988 to 1995; they are in Box 0011 and 0012.

Series IV – Financial Documents: London office has 8 folders of which 2 are cash-books they date from 1982 to 1996; they are in an oversize box number 6 as the cash-books could not fit inside the folders and we didn’t like separating them from other financial documents, the Nigerian office has 10 folders covering, years from 1988 to 1994, accounts reports are enclosed and they are located in Box 13 and 14.

Series V – Student Matters: This series contains student lists, repatriation lists and payment lists, the London office has 8 folders covering years from 1984 to 1995; hey are in Box 0007. The Nigerian office has 3 folders, covering years from 1991 to 1995 and they are in Box 0015.



ANC – African National Congress
AUSTCARE -Australian Care for Refugees
EC – European Community
FINNIDA – Finnish Development Agency
LCWS – Luthuli Cultural and Welfare Services
LTM – Luthuli Memorial Trust
SARF – Southern African Relief Fund
SIDA – Swedish International Development Agency
SOMAFCO – Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College
UK- United Kingdom
UNDP – United Nation Development Programme
UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNETPSA- United Nation Education Training Programme For Southern Africa



Series I – Correspondence


Box 0001
0001. Agreements 1989, 1991, 1992.
0002. ANC 1989, 1990, 1991-1992,
0003. Application for funds 1989, 1992
0004. Application for scholarships 1986, 1989-1991, 1993
0005. Birnberg, B.M. 1989-1991
0006. Bishop Butler, Thomas 1990-1993, 1995
0007. Change of the Trust’s Name 1989-1991
0008. Chapman, Michael 1988- 1995,
0009. Charity Commission 1993 March 24
0010. Charity Commissioners for England and Wales 1991, 1993-1994
0011. Choabi, M. Seretse 1982, 1987-1991
0012. Commission of the European Communities 1989, 1990-1991, 1993,1994
0013. Contracts 1989, 1991-1993
0014. Donors 1988- 1989
0015. Financial Assistance 1988-1994


Box 0002
0016. Fradet-Carim, Shirene 1994
0017. Funding of the Students 1991
0018. Funding of the Students 1994, 1996
0019. Harrison, Phillip 1991-1994
0020. Harrison, Phillip 1995-1996
0021. Hlophe, Poppy 1992-1993
0022. Hyde- Smith, Michael 1989-1990
0023. Mahidharia, A.B. 1989-1995
0024. Masemola, Nathaniel M. 1990
0025. Masemola, Nathaniel M. 1992


Box 0003
0026. Matthew, John 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992
0027. Montefiore, Hugh 1988-1990, 1990-1992
0028. Mpumlwana, Loyiso n.d., 1991
0029. Registration of Luthuli Memorial Trust in South Africa  1992-1993
0030. Scholarship funds from FINNIDA 1989-1994
0031. South Africa High Commission in England 1992-1994
0032. Trustees 1989-1992
0033. United Nations Educational and Training Programme For Southern Africa (UNETPSA) 1990-1992



Series II – Discussion Documents/ Minutes of Meetings


Box 0004
0001. Agendas and Minutes of the Annual General Meetings of Luthuli Memorial Trust, held at London 1983-1985, 1987-1989, 1991
0002. Agendas and Minutes of the Meetings of the Council of Management 1982-1983, 1986-1991
0003. Agendas and Minutes of the Scholarship Awards Committee 1986, 1988, nd.1989
0004. Agendas and Minutes of the Trustees of Luthuli Memorial Trust 1987, 1991-1995
0005. Draft guidelines for financial and general administration by Hyde Smith Michael 1990 Feb 23
0006. Memorandum to the National Executive of the ANC 1990 Nov 22
0007. Memorandum to the National Executive of the ANC 1992 Sept 1
0008. Minutes of a meeting between ANC and Luthuli Memorial Trust 1991 Sep 3
0009. Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meetings held in London 1982, 1987
0010. Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the Luthuli Cultural and Welfare Services, held in London 1982 march 27
0011. Notices and Apologies 1990-1994, 1995, n.d.
0012. Project Description 1984 October 31
0013. Project Documents n.d. 1991- 1992
0014. Project Proposal 1991 April 3
0015. Review Meeting between ANC/FINLAND held in Johannesburg 1991 October 17



Series III – Statements/ Reports of Meetings


Box 0005
0001. Administration Project, a submission by the Luthuli Cultural Welfare Services to the Ford Foundation and the Rockfeler Brothers Fund, n.d.
0002. An extension of Kroonstad Technical College 1992 February 17
0003. Commentary on Jeffreson, Seamus’s Report 1990 May
0004. Comments and observations on accounts 1991
0005. Director’s Reports 1986, 1990-1992, 1994-1995?
0006. Fund raising, n.d., 1982, 1984, 1986
0007. Information/Action Report 1993
0008. Interim Report by the Luthuli Memorial Trust to the European Community 1992, 1990/91
0009. License for the use of office facilities 1989
0010. Luthuli Memorial Trust, Scholarship Administration Manuals 1990
0011. Luthuli Memorial Trust, Scholarship Administration Manuals 1990
0012. Memorandum of association of the Luthuli Cultural and Welfare Services 1981
0013. Opening statement to a meeting of Luthuli Memorial Trust, held at Johannesburg by Masemola, Nathaniel M. 1992 March 19-20
0014. Press Statement for UK Assistance to help build the new South Africa 1991
0015. Report for the year ending 1989
0016. Report from the South Africa Committee to the Annual General Meeting 1989 June
0017. Report of Office Activities 1990, 1991, 1994
0018. Report on the Scholarship Programme for the South African Students in the United Kingdom 1988, 1991-1992
0019. Report on the visit to Luthuli Memorial Trust in Johannesburg 1995 October 11-30
0020. Reports about students n.d., 1988-1989
0021. Reports on Application for Scholarships 1988 Dec – 1989 Dec
0022. Some thoughts for the meeting of the Trustees by Mathew, John 1991 November 1991



Series IV – Financial Documents


Box 0006
0001. Account Reports 1988-1990
0002. Budget n.d., 1990
0003. Cash Books 1989-1991
0004. Cash Books 1992-1995
0005. Cash book 1982-1990
0006. Cash book 1991-1996
0007. Financial Expenditure 1992-1994
0008. Financial Statements 1990-1995



Series V – Student Matters


Box 0007
0001. Budget for Students currently sponsored 1991-1993
0002. Information on 28 students in the United Kingdom 1994 Feb 3
0003. List of Students arrived at Johannesburg 1995 Jan 27
0004. List of students for the Scholarship Programme n.d., 1984-1987
0005. Lists of Students sponsored under the auspices of the Luthuli Memorial Trust n.d., 1990-1991
0006. Payment to Students, List 1990-1994
0007. Payment to Students, Master List 1988-1994
0008. Reconciliation of payments to Students with Programme Fund Payments 1989 Dec 31-1990 Dec 31




Series I – Correspondence


Box 0008
0001. African National Congress and Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) 1988-1993
0002. Australians care for refugees (AUSTCARE) 1991-1995
0003. Harrison, Philip 1993-1996
0004. Invitations ANC and Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) 1991
0005. Letters of appointment for staff in Nigeria and staff related documents 1991-1995
0006. Mandela, Nelson R. 1991-1995
0007. Masemola, Nathaniel 1988, 1990-1993


Box 0009
0008. S’bengile, Richard 1991
0009. Sani, Mohammed 1992-1995
0010. Skomolo, M.X. 1991- 1996
0011. Southern Africa Relief Fund 1991
0012. Stylianou, Mary 1991
0013. Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) 1988, 1990-1991
0014. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 1991
0015. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 1991-1992
0016. Uwechue, G.N. 1991
0017. Work experience programme for students 1992
0018. Zulu, Amos’s Accident 1994-1995



Series II – Discussion Documents / Minutes of Meetings


Box 0010
0001. Agreed minutes from consultations held in Benoni between the ANC and the government of Sweden concerning humanitarian assistance 1991 May
0002. Minutes between the African National Congress (ANC) and the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) 1988- 1991
0003. Minutes of staff with Senior Programme Officer and ANC chief representatives 1993 July 29
0004. Minutes of the inaugural meeting of the task force to look into the problems and operations of the Luthuli Memorial Trust-held at Ikoyi 1991 June 25
0005. Minutes of the meeting on Project ANC/92/002 Management Arrangements 1994 December 20
0006. Minutes of the staff meeting held in Nigeria 1991
0007. Minutes of the staff meeting held with the Director of the Luthuli Memorial Trust in Lagos 1994 October 17
0008. Notes of a meeting with Ellem, Eric, National Director of Australian Care for Refugees held in London 1992 October 12



Series III – Statements/ Reports of Meetings


Box 0011
0001. Address by the Treasurer General to the ANC and Swedish International Authority Talks 1991 November 19
0002. Australian Care for Refugees (AUSTCARE) progress reports 1991-1992
0003. Brief Report about Student Arrival, Reception and problems 1991 February 18
0004. Employees Condition of service Policy Manual 1991
0005. Holiday Camps reports 1991-1992
0006. Memorandum to Mandela, Nelson R, ANC, Johannesburg on the Luthuli Memorial Trust -by Adv. Masemola, Nathaniel M. 1983-1996
0007. Mission Reports by Musa, M.M. to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 1992 April 30
0008. One month’s report from Ibeabuchi, Willie 1991 September
0009. Personal Report by Osagie, M.M.1991 July-September
0010. Programme Coordinator’s six months reports 1993 January December
0011. Programme for exiles from the violence in Natal and for other victims of the current education crisis in South Africa 1990
0012. Project completion report, ANC students in Nigeria by Skomolo, Margaret X.1995 January 15
0013. Report by S ‘bengile, Richard 1991 October 16
0014. Report by Skomolo, Margaret X. on the current educational crisis in Nigeria 1993 March 15
0015. Report for the month of 1991 September-by Obioru, Blessing M. 1991 September
0016. Report on counselling tour by Osagie, M.M. 1993 June -July
0017. Report on Mahidharia, A. B.’s visit to Lagos 1992 July 16-27



Box 0012
0018. Report on monitoring visit to the Luthuli Memorial Trust project in Nigeria 1991-1992
0019. Report on repatriation of students who have completed their studies, progress and problems [1993 September?]
0020. Report on the incident of 1992 February 7
0021. Report to Trustees of the Luthuli Memorial Trust [1993?]
0022. Reports on the African National Congress’s Education programme of South African Students in Nigeria: biting issue afflicting the implementation and progress of the
programme by Skomolo, Margaret X. 1991 November 13
0023. Reports on the Luthuli Memorial Trust’s visit to Nigeria 1993-1994
0024. Reports to the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) by the Luthuli Memorial Trust 1988-1989, 1991-1992
0025. Resolutions taken at the meeting of comrades regarding their sit and the assistance 1993 July 25
0026. Six Months Reports Of Luthuli Memorial Trust Activities 1991-1994
0027. Skomo lo, Margaret X. 1993
0028. South African Student Exiles programme in Nigeria. Report No 1 of March 1991 by Hardy, Ross 1991 January- 1992 December
0029. Statement by Masemola, Nathaniel M. At the consultative talks between ANC and SIDA (Swedish International Development Authority) held at Soweto Lutheran Diocesan Center, Johannesburg 1991 February 12-14
0030. Statement by Mashigo, A.M. on the South African Students arrived in Lagos from Lusaka 1991 January 24
0031. Student Progress Reports 1991-1993
0032. Task Force to look into the problems and operation of the Luthuli Memorial Trust Fund by Pam, S.D. Secretary to the Government 1990 of the Federation 1991 June 13,
n.d, 1990
0033. The agreements between ANC and Swedish International Development and Luthuli Cultural and Welfare Services Financial Support to scholarship programme 1988-1993
0034. The Councillor’s report, A guide 1993 May 11
0035. The Director’s Reports, Mission to Nigeria 1994 January 30 – February 4
0036. The report to identify the issues so far raised by drawing from field reports and other interactions 1992 December-1993 January
0037. The three months reports by Skomo lo, Margaret X. 1991 July-September



Series IV – Financial Documents


Box 0013
0001. Account Statement 1991 July -December
0002. Auditor’s Reports, 1991-1993
0003. Brief Overview of what has been spent from 1990-1991
0004. Budget for S.A student in exiles Nigeria from 1990-1992
0005. Budget for South African Students in Nigeria 1991-1993, 1995
0006. Cash Books 1991- 1995


Box 0014
0007. Financial Expenditure 1991-1994
0008. Financial Statements 1991
0009. Financial Summary 1991, 1992-1993, 1994
0010. Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) grant allocation chart 1989-1991




Series V – Students Matters

Box 0015
0001. Repatriation of Students from Nigeria to South Africa 1993-1995
0002. Student Biodata, Group 3 (1991 -1992?]
0003. Students Lists 1991-1993