Namibia Mission, Code: (NaM)


(bulk dates, 1990-1994 )

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Historical background on Namibia Mission

​When the Nationalist Government banned the African National Congress (ANC) on 8 April 1960, the ANC began operating underground in South Africa. Outside the country the ANC started to establish itself as the official voice of South Africa’s voteless masses. By the 1970s recognition of the ANC’s legitimacy was growing, not only amongst the multiplicity of non-governmental anti-apartheid organizations, but also among foreign governments.

The first missions were opened in London, Accra, Cairo, and Dar-es-Salaam. By 1980, the ANC had offices and representatives in 32 countries. The external missions worked to win support for the overthrow of apartheid by promoting the cause of the ANC and urging international economic pressure against the South African government. The missions also provided assistance to South African exiles. Following the banning of the organisation, Oliver Tambo, President General of the ANC left South Africa to head of the ANC’s external operations.

On 2 February 1990 the bans on the ANC and other political organisations were lifted. A process of negotiations between the unbanned organisations and the South African government ensued. In 1992 the ANC instructed its missions to collate and box their records for shipment to South Africa. These records were to form the basis of the official archives of the ANC, from which a true history of the ANC’s role in the struggle against apartheid could be written.



Scope and Content Note

The Namibia Mission of the African National Congress records are comprised of four series: Correspondence, Periodicals, Subject Files and News-clippings.

The Correspondence Series I spans the years 1990 to 1994 and includes letters, memos and faxes between the Windhoek office in Namibia, other ANC departments, and other organisations and governments. Topics include repatriation of ANC cadres, the status of Walvis Bay as a colony of South Africa, official ANC statements, requests to Namibia for visas, residency status, security clearance, and identity cards, and diplomatic matters with foreign countries and embassies, including Botswana, Congo, Cuba, Denmark, India, and Iran.

The Periodicals Series II includes magazines, trade directories, and studies and surveys conducted by the Namibian Department of Health. All materials were published between 1991 and 1994.

The Subject Files Series III is arranged alphabetically and spans the years 1989 to 1994. Records include correspondence and documents relating to various ANC departments, statements and meetings concerning constitutional matters and the rebuilding of South Africa, business matters, such as requests for office equipment and housing, and papers on South African foreign policy, negotiations, and HIV/ AIDS in Southern Africa

The News clippings Series VI documents events of the ANC and the Apartheid in South Africa. It also includes press releases of the Namibia Mission. The series dates range from 1990 – 1994.

The Addition box consists of series I Correspondence.



Series I – Correspondence


Box 0001
0001. ANC Correspondence, 1990-1992
0002. Chief Representative’s (Abbey Chikane) Correspondence, 1990 -1994
0003. Embassies, n.d., 1990 -1994
0004. Faxes Dispatched, 1991-1994


Box 0002
0005. Faxes Received, 1990-1994
0006. Letters of the Department of International Affairs, 1992-1994
0007. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1990-1994


Series II – Periodicals


Box 0003
0001.Bell Atlantic International, Data Communications, n.d., Namibia Business Journal: Official Newsletter, 1994, x2, Namibia Demographic and health survey, 1992
Namibia Ministry of Health, 1992 (3 volumes), Namibia Trade Directories, 1991-1994 (2 volumes), Namibia Yearbook, 1992-1993, Searchlight, the International Anti-Fascist Monthly, 1993, Sister: Namibia, 1993, Siidafrica: Hoffnung Auf Bin Ende der Apartheid die Griinen, Top Secret Magazine, Rani, Chris, 1993, ⁃ UNESCO: Child Care and Education in Sub-Saharan, ⁃ Africa, 1992



Series III –Subject Files


Box 0004
0001. Amandla Cultural Ensemble, 1990-1991
0002. ANC Education Department, 1990-1992
0003. ANC Legal and Constitutional Department, 1990-1991
0004. ANC Matters 1992
0005. ANC Policy/Discussion Documents, n.d., 1991
0006. ANC Statements, 1991, 1992
0007. ANC Women’s League, 1990-1991
0008. ANC Youth League, 1991
009. AWEPPA, 1991


Box 0005
0010. Commonwealth, 1991
0011. C.R.I.A.A.
0012. Conferences 1990-1994
0013. Constitution for Namibia (1)
0014. Constitution for Namibia (2)


Box 0006
0015. Constitution for Namibia (3)
0016. Constitution for Namibia (4)
0017. Democracy Trust, 1994
0018. Economy Statements/Constitutional Matters, 1990
0019. Education and Culture, n.d.
0020. Elections, Namibia, n.d., 1989, 1992


Box 0007
0021. Embassies, 1990-1992
0022. Foreign Affairs, 1990-1992
0023. Invitations, 1990-1994
0024. Ministries, Namibia, 1991-1992
0025. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1993-1994
0026. Miscellaneous, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994


Box 0008
0027. Namibian Parliament, 1992-1994
0028. Namibian Departments Matters, n.d.,1981, 1982, 1989-1991
0029. Namibian Trade & Investment sector, n.d., 1991
0030. National Planning and Development Aid: problems and potentials, n.d.
0031. Negotiating Council Committee, 1993


Box 0009
0032. OAU (Organisation for African Unity), 1982, 1990 -1992
0033. Papers, n.d., 1990, 1992-1994
0034. Pretoria minutes, 1990
0035.Repatriation, 1989, 1991
0036. Reports, n.d., 1990, 1993


Box 0010
0037. Southern African Development Community (SADC), 1992
0038. Speeches, 1990-1993
0039. Speeches, 1990- 1993


Box 0011
0040. Studies on population and national accounts of Namibia, n.d.
0041. Tambo, 0. R., 1990, 1993
0042. TOPS Bursary Scheme, n.d.
0043. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), 1989-1991



Series IV – News clippings


Box 0012
0001. News clippings,1990 – 1994
0002. News clippings, 1990 – 1994


Series I – Correspondence


Box 0013
0001. Chief representative’s office and the treasure general’s office in Johannesburg, 1990 – 1991.
0002.Request and reports on movements of the people between mission 1990, 1993
0003. Namibia mission chief rep and the department of international Affairs 1991, 1993
0004. Fund-raising campaign for the elections 1992, 1993
0005. Request for Assistance, 1992 – 1993
0006. International Solidarity Conference preparatory committee, February 1993
0007. Correspondence for the chief Reps office in respect of company in Namibia for the April 1994 elections, 1993 – 1994.