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Historical background on Niewe Zuid Afrika

The Dutch government participated in promoting democracy in South Africa by using an organisation based on representatives of political parties in the parliament of the Netherlands (excluding a fascist party). This organisation, known as NZA, channelled funds to the South African political parties as a basic amount and topped this up with additional funds based on their (SA parties) electoral strength. The ANC thus was a major beneficiary. The projects approved by the Board ofNZA were aimed at building and strengthening democracy, thus the project aimed at training received priority.


Political Training and Education Department undertook large training projects. Department of Information and Publicity (now known as Communications) concentrated on training spokesperson and so on. Commission of Religious Affairs, Youth League and Women’s League, Archives and Elections all benefited from projects.


In addition NZA promoted what they called “mirror function”, this held in meetings between South Africa and Dutch parties learning from each other, communicating with each other. Various delegations went to the Netherlands and Dutch parties visited South Africa.

(One South African political party failed for funds received and in the end were excluded, PAC)

The ANC accounted for each project with a narrative and a financial report. Financials were audited. In December 2000 a closing conference was held in Western Cape with all relevant Dutch parties represented and, of course, the South African parties (based on their electoral strength); the ANC had the largest delegation. At that meeting the ANC was represented by Mavivi Myakayaka-Manzini, Tony Yengeni, Cedric Mayson, Naph Manana, “Spongy” Moodley, Bathabile Dlamini, Bertha Gcowa, Pemmy Majodina, Toine Eggenhuizen, as well as the former ambassador to the Netherlands, Carl Niehaus. This meeting laid the ground for the plans for set up the Institute for Multi-Party Democracy. The plan was extended to a wider democracy supporting organisations. A quick scan adds, for 13 projects, up to total spent of R12,003,0l 1.00. The overall total spent on the ANC projects far exceeds the amount.


Sponsored projects include: Elections, Elections Research, Department of Information and Publicity – DIP (Communications), Political Education, Archives, Commission for Religious Affairs (CRA), Policy Department, Youth League, Women’s League. ANC Delegates to visit Netherlands: Secretary-General, C Carolus and delegation, DIP as well as provincial spokesperson, PETU, Elections, Archives, Youth League Visitors from Dutch parties to South Africa: for CRA, for Policy Department, for Women’s League, for DIP



Lot of thanks to Mr. Toine Eggenhuizen for the above information recorded on the history background. Mr. Eggenhuizen was responsible for this project in relation to finance administration in the African National Congress.



Scope and Content Note

The collection has number of incomplete records especially from various departments; which received funds as donations. Some of these departments that has insufficient records include ANC Women’s League (the inquest to locate these records coincided with their busy time preparing for their national congress and they didn’t have time to help locate them)

The Youth League (lots of staff members working now know nothing of those records because they are new in the office).
• Political .department along with other departments located on the same floor had problem of records being destroyed during fire incident.
• ANC CRA managed to hand over records, however, the number of the activities this department engaged with, leave an impression that the records are not complete.
• There is nothing heard from Archives Unit.


Most records that have been process came from Finance department in the office of Mr. Eggenhuizen All in all, in the project like this, it’s unlikely to have few records, this shows that most of records are missing.


This collection has 4 levels of arrangements. First one is the record group, which is the name of the collection, Nuiwe Zuid Afrika. The second level is the sub-group, a sub-division of the record group; the name of this level is the Projects. The third level is the series. It demonstrates the actual activities of the collection. The series level has no specific arrangements, however, series containing records with the similar form 
(correspondence, reports, discussion documents, minutes and statements) were given first preference in the arrangement, following, is the series depicting the functions performed while the collection was in active state. The fourth level is the folder item (grouping together of documents into a unit). All the folders (that make the group of particular series) are arranged alphabetically according to title of the folder.


Below is the list of series:

1. Correspondence: These are letters, emails, memoranda, etc. from various individuals, ANC departments/structures, organisations, companies, etc about the NZA projects.

2. Discussion Documents/Minutes/Statements/Publications: This series is composed of various series that were combined to form one series; this is due to the insufficient number of folders to make an independent series. These are discussion papers, minutes of meetings, statements and newsletters about the NZA projects

3. Reports: These are reports about NZA projects, including NZA annual reports on projects approved, to be approved, overall progress; also are the reports from various ANC departments submitted to NZA; financial reports ( cashbooks, ledger books, trial balance)

4. Project proposals: This series is about the list of projects to be funded and list of projects to be approved by NZA, nominated lists of projects. These are the business plans (proposals) submitted to NZA

5. Conferences/Workshops/Seminars: This series is the only one that is arranged chronologically according to year. The year has been regarded as important because people prefer to remember certain event by the year; hence the arrangement by year was adopted. The series contain records in various forms such as discussion papers submitted, reports presented, correspondences (sent and received) and statements (speeches, address) presented during the particular event (workshop, seminar and conference)



Series I – Correspondence


Box 0001
0001. ANC Women’s League, 1998-2000
0002. Birchwood Hotel, 2000
0003. Commission for Religious Affairs (CRA), 2000
0004. Correspondence with Ellen van Koppen (Partji van de Arbeid), 2000
0005. Correspondence with Klaas Groenveld (Acting Board Chairperson – NZA), 2000
0006. Correspondence with various ANC departments, 1991, 1999- 2000
0007. Department of Political Education and Training, 1997-1998
0008. Human Rights Institute of South Africa, 1994-1995
0009. Ministry for Health: Manto Tshabalala, 1999
0010. Nedbank, 1998-2000. Includes statements
0011. Nieuwe Zuid Afrika (NZA) and Commission for Religious Affairs


Box 0002
0014. Nieuwe Zuid Afrika (NZA) and Toine, re: Mirror Function Project, 1999-2000
0015. Nieuwe Zuid Afrika (NZA), and Toine, re: project and proposals, 1996, 1999-2000
0016. Nieuwe Zuid Afrika (NZA) and Toine, re: project reports, 1998- 2001
0017. Nieuwe Zuid Afrika (NZA) and Toine, re: visits, 1999-2000
0018. Nieuwe Zuid Afrika (NZA) and ANC Youth League, (1998] – 2000
0019. Office of Secretary-General, 1999-2000
0020. Office of Treasurer-General: Mendi Msimang, 1998-2001
0021. Office of Treasurer-General: Phomolo, 2000
0022. Rudolf Mastenbroek and Yunus Carrim, re: building ANC capacity to transform local government (project proposal), 1999 April 0014
0023. Toine Eggenhuizen and Annemarie Mijnsbergen, re: auditor’s report, statement of recipes and payments for the period 1997 March 20 – 1998 December 10 (CRA) re: Mirror Function, 2000




Series II Discussion Documents/Minutes/Statements/Publications


Box 0003
0001. Building the capabilities of political parties in Southern Africa: reviewing the strategy of Netherlands, paper by Volker Hauck ‘ 2000 April 15
0002. The labour movement and emergence of opposition, politics in Zimbabwe – paper by Brian Raftopoulos, 2001 April
0003. Listening for the prophetic voices: where have all the prophets gone? Prophetf c silences and religious incapacity to help us forward, paper by Cednc Mayson, 1999 June 3
0004. Policy document of Dutch Foundation for the New South Africa, 1994 June 23 ********
0005. Policy letter, Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, nd
0006. Popular attitudes to democracy in Africa, paper by Michael Bratton and Robert Mattes, 2000 November 2000
0007. Strategic positioning of ANC in relation to religious communities to enhance the positive elements of religion in the transformation of our society, Protea Gardens, Berea, 1999 March 12
0008. Contract between the: Stichting voor het Nieuwe Zuid Afrika” and the ANC for various projects, 1998-2000. Includes projects NZA 2009, NZA 2010, NZA 2011, NZA 2012, NZA 9811, NZA 9903, NZA 9907, NZA 9910, NZA 9911
0009. Contract between the “Stichting voor het Nieuwe Zuid Afrika” and ANC for project number NZA 9810 and NZA 2009
0010. Message to NZA from the newsletters from the ANC, n.d.
0011. Meeting with Nieuwe Zuid Afrika and ANC officials, 1999 December {Publications}
0012. Foundation for the New South Africa, newsletters, 1998-2000



Series III – Reports


Box 0004
0001. ANC Women’s League reports, 2000
0002. ANC Youth League reports, 1998-1999
0003. Annual reports, NZA – Foundation for New South Africa, 1996
0004. Annual reports, NZA – Foundation for New South Africa, 1997
0005. Annual reports, NZA – Foundation for New South Africa, 1999
0006. Annual reports, NZA – Foundation for New South Africa, 2000
0007. The Beijing platform of action, prepared for the Unite Nations preparatory meeting, 2000 February 28
0008. Commission for Religious Affairs, 1999-2000
0009. Common Monetary Exchange Control, application to sell foreign currency, 1999-2001
0010. Democracy, development and the role of political parties, experience of NZA, 2000
0011. Final report to NZA Board, ANC Organizational Development and Campaigns Department – Political Education and Training Unit, 1999/2000. Includes SGO – Research Unit


Box 0005
0012. Financial reports, 1999-2000. Includes trial balance, cash book, statement of expenditure, interest schedule, financial statement
0013. Financial report for the 10 months ended 28 February 1997. Includes 15 month report ended 30 June 1997
0014. Financial; report on archives Mirror Function project, 2000 November 14
0015. Financial reports, NZA projects, n.d., 1997-2000
0016. Funding Applications for 2000-2002 (ANC CRA)
0017. Guidelines for project proposals and reporting, n.d
0018. Meeting between Dutch Foundation for New South Africa with 5 political parties in South Africa (ANC, PAC, IFP, PAC and NP), a report
0019. Narrative report to the NZA on programme of the National Elections Unit, 1997 April – 1998 September
0020. Netherlands Institute for Multi-party Democracy, n.d
0021. Projects reports (NZA), (1997]. Includes projects NZA 9704, NZA 9604, NZA 9911
0022. Proposed programme for 2000
0023. Statement of receipts and disbursements, NZA projects, 1998- 2000
0024. Study tour to Netherlands, a report, 2000 October 1-7 Various projects of South African political parti?s approved by NZA board, 1999
0025. Visit to Netherlands, 1998-1999



Series IV – Project proposals


Box 0006
0001. ANC elections Research briefings and capacity, building project. Proposal to NZA, (National Election Department), 1999 March – June
0002. Building ANC capacity to transform to local government (NZA proposal, 1999 April 14
0003. Capacity building proposal, submitted by Research Unit, Secretary General’s Office, 1999 December 1
0004. Department of Political Education and Training reports on projects, 1998-2000. Includes projects: NZA 9708 (April 1999); NZA 2012 (October 2000); NZA 9810 (June 1999)
0005. Forum for democratic governance in Africa, a proposal, [1998]
0006. Inter-party cooperation on local level, 1999
0007. Media officer training programme and course outline, 1997
0008. National advocacy and capacity building, 1998 October February-1999 February
0009. NZA project 2010: final narrative report, summary, n.d.
0010. Orientation programme for appointed transitional councilors, training proposal, 1994 March
0011. Programme proposal for capacity building for ANC Women’s League, 1999. Includes NZA project 9910 final report
0012. Projects, President’s Office, n,d
0013. Proposal for capacity and institution building ANC, n.d.
0014. Proposal on capacity building programme, ANC Youth League,



Series V – Conferences/Workshops/Seminars


Box 0007
0001. Broadening and deepening: support democratic transitions in developing countries; report on conference, Leidchendam, Netherlands , 1996 August 27-28
0002. Final report on Seminar on Faith and Politics on a mirror project between ANC Commission for Religious Affairs (CRA) and Christian Democratic Party of Netherlands, summary report, 1997
0003. ANC/CDA Mirror Function on Faith and Politics, Seminar, 1998 (report)
0004. Commission for Religious Affairs consultation, 1998 June 5-6. (report)
0005. NZA and Toine, re: various issues. Includes divers, tranches, seminars/workshops/conferences, etc. drawing rights, 1998-2001. (correspondence)
0006. Commission for Religious Affairs (CRA) Provincial Seminars on Religion and Politics in National Transformation (report). Includes speech by Rev. Frank Chikane, 1999
0007. Provincial Seminar on Religion and Politics in National Transformation, ANC Eastern Cape, 1999 (correspondence), includes reports
0008. Provincial Seminar on Religion and Politics in NationalTransformation, ANC Gauteng and ANC Northern Cape, 1999 ( correspondence)
0009. Provincial Seminar on Religion and Politics in National Transformation, ANC Kwa-Zulu- Natal, 1999 (correspondence)
0010. Provincial Seminar on Religion and Politics in National Transformation, ANC Mpumalanga (reports). Includes correspondence, 1999
0011. Provincial Seminar on Religion and Politics in National Transfonnation, ANC Limpopo (correspondence). Includes ANC Free State Province, 1999
0012. Provincial Seminar on Religion and Politics in National Transformation, ANC North West, 1999 (correspondence)
0013. Provincial Seminar on Religion and Politics in National Transformation, ANC Western Cape (correspondence). Includes statement by Ebrahim Rasool at the Interfaith Religious Conference for Ethical Transformation, 1999
0014. CDA and CRA, re: Seminar Nation building and Pluralism, 1999 (correspondence)


Box 0008
0015. Attendance register, training/workshop, 2000 (report)
0016. Funding the application projects in 2000. Commission forReligious Affairs, 2000 (report)
0017. Interim report on “Mirror Function” between South African and Netherlands participants in Johannesburg, 2000 (report)
0018. Nation Building and Religious Pluralism, Mirror Function (reports). Includes programme and budget, 2000
0019. Nation Building and Religious Pluralism, session 2: values, a paper by Alis Koek, Tilburg Ubiversity, Netherlands, 2000
0020. Project application for 9 provincial CRA seminars, 2000
0021. The religious and political industries, some experience in Netherlands, paper by Herman Noordegraaf. Conference Nation Building and Religious Pluralism, 2000 (discussion document)
0022. Religion and Politics in national transformation (CRA seminar), 2000 (report)
0023. February 25. Moral regeneration, what went wrong? Notes of discussion on Sunday 19 March following the Ministry of Education Workshop, 2000 (discussion document)
0024. Towards sustainable democratic institutions in Southern Africa, Gaborone, Botswana, 2000 May 8-10. (report)
0025. Nation Building and Religious Pluralism: a liberal humanist approach, address by Paul Cliteur. Includes speech in the floppy diskette, 2000 May 10. (statement) ­
0026. The changing position and meaning of religion and church in Western Europe, a socio-analysis, paper by Gerard Dekker, ANC Symposium, 2000 May 11. (discussion document)


Box 0009
0027. Living in a secular world, paper by Gerard Dekker, ANC Symposium, 2000 May 11. (discussion document)
0028. Mirror Function interim report, Johannesburg, 2000 May 11-14. (report)
0029. Democracy, development and the role of political parties: experience of NZA, final seminar foundation for the New South Africa, Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West. Includes statement from the Institute for Multiparty Democracy, 2000 December 9. ( discussion document)
0030. African views of political parties: some cross­ national survey evidence, paper by Michael Bratton, Professor, Political Science and African Studies, Michigan State University, delivered at Conference on Network Democracy, The Hague, Netherlands, 2001 April 24-25.


(discussion document)
0031. Network democracy: enhancing the role of political parties, The Hague, Netherlands. Includes agenda and list of participants, 2001 April 24-25. (reports)
0032. The role of political parties in building democracy, some introductory remarks by Bengt Save­ Soderbergh, Secretary-General of International IDEA, IMD/IDEA Conference, the Hague, Netherlands, 2001Ap1il 24-25. (statements)
0033. Some observation on the political parties in the democratization process on the African continent. Contribution to the conference on Enhancing the role of political parties hosted by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, the Prague, Netherlands, 2001 April 24-25. (report)
0034.Trends in the external funding political parties, working paper by Jos JAM van Gennip, the Prague, Netherlands, 2001 April 23. (discussion paper)