RECORDS, 1975 – 1991

(bulk dates, 1982 – 1987)

4 Boxes (.4 linear meters)

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Historical background of  SOMAFCO Arts and Culture Dept. (SAC)

Culture is a dynamic phenomenon, which is as old as society itself, thus it is a natural mirror of a given society, reflecting the aspirations, beliefs and behavior of the people. The ANC community at Mazimbu in Tanzania had had characteristics of such a society. SOMAFCO, however, was a community in exile forced to relocate by an unjust apartheid system. During apartheid era, culture was used to further political and material motives of that system. On the other hand culture of the oppressed was used as a weapon of resistance that system and forged unity among various groups towards building an alternative society based on democratic values. It was under conditions that in the thinking of the ANC, that as weapon in the struggle, had to play an important role in the overall work of the ANC.

This was pertinent at SOMAFCO where since the establishment of the complex in the late 70s, emerged mushrooming of cultural resistance in various forms; poetry, theatre, performing arts, graphic arts, sports, etc. All the sections of the community, young and old, student and worker took active part in the cultural activities. Though, they came from different cultural background, they saw themselves as part of a whole. Above all, culture was used to mobilize local and international communities against apartheid system.


Scope and Content Note

The SOMAFCO Arts and Culture Department is composed of .4 linear metres 
and two series: Correspondence and Subject files.

The Correspondence series spans the years 1981-1991. It reflects letters of 
invitations from both local and formations for cultural performances from SOMAFCO. 
Some of the local cultural groups used to ask coaching assistance from SOMAFCO. This series also shows the local and external venues visited by SOMAFCO performers as well as cultural exchanges entered into.

The Subject Files series covers the years 1975-1991. It consists of a variety of 
cultural activities. This series gives researchers a vivid understanding on the relevance of culture in the struggle against apartheid system. It also reflects interaction among various ANC officials and the ordinary cultural workers about structures to be followed in line with a set aims and objectives of the liberation movement.



Series I – Correspondence

Box 0001
0001. Makhothi, Henry/ Scholarships, 1981-1983
0002. Maseko, Tim; Nxabba, Ndiko; Tickly Mohammed/Cultural,  1982-1983
0003. Sithole, Vusi/ Cultural Affairs, 1985-1987
0004. Individuals/ Performances/workshops 1988-1991
0005. Telexes transactions, 1985 -1986


Series II – Subject Files

Box 0002
0001. African Arts Fund
0002. Art Education, 1975
0003. Circulars, 1981\1990
0004. Cultural Committee, 1982-1988
0005. Culture discussion group, 1986
0006. Culture matters, 1983
0007. Meetings, 1985-1987
0008. Memoranda, 1985-1987
0009. Music of South Africa : Its Roots
0010. Papers/ Cultural personnel/ Cultural way of life/ Culture in the ANC Role of culture/ Theatre


Box 0003
0011. Play:” Dear Sir”(The life of political prisoners)
0012. Programmes: Masekela, Barbara/ Planning of Cultura1Centre at Dakawa Theatre and carving, 1985
0013. Reports, 1982-1991
0014. Sports, 1983-1991
0015. Textile project, 1986
0016. Workshops, 1984-1990


Box 0004
0017. Tour by cultural group to Netherlands, 1985 (Album)