RECORDS, 1969 – 1993

(bulk dates, 1980 – 1989)

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Historical background on SOMAFCO Department  of Information and Publicity

When was established in 1979, there was no body or committee responsible the gathering dissemination of news about the ANC settlements and around the globe. However, the ANC community relied on the movement’s publications about events happening around the world and within the organization itself. In the early 80s both students and workers at the complex took initiatives by producing journals reflecting events in the ANC settlements and the world. Another development was the appointment of two students to monitor and compile news that would then be read before the community every evening. Contributions were anticipated from every participant. The aim was to make the community informed about what was occurring within and around itself. There was lack of trained staff to deal with information handling and dissemination. However, there was a pool of matured political members of the organization who played an important role in the gathering and dissemination of information in line with the ANC policies. With the development of the complex, new structures were put in place to deal with information organically. Students were sent out to do information studies. Consequently, news gathering and dissemination became better handled than before. The formations like College Publicity Coordinating and Department of Information and Publicity Committees were established.

The following were the aims and objectives information establishments: To coordinate all publicity in the complex i.e., News and Views, Voice of SOMFCO (students magazine), IDanganani (workers magazine), photographic work, public relations, external publicity e.g. progress report for solidarity groups and any other publicity information or activity. Thus, Department of Information and Publicity became a fully fleshed information agency.



Scope and Content Note

The Department of Information and Publicity is composed of .5 linear metres a three series: Press cuttings, Publications, and Subject Files.

The Press Cuttings series spans the years 1969-1993. Reflections are around ANC struggles, issues on black education, which carries historical problems in this regard, Mandela’s message to the South African people while incarceration on Robben Island, Thabo Mbeki’s critic on apartheid reform, articles about P.W Botha (Former President of South Africa), Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in the 80s, the plight in the Third World and other issues.

The Publication series spans the years 1981-1989. It reflects articles about the struggle in other parts of the World, steps to take in combating racism in general, and the ANC recruitment campaign.

The Subject Files series covers the years 1981-1991. Documents ANC official statements on the death sentences handed down to its cadres by apartheid regime: Lubisi, Mashigo and Manana; all white elections of 1984; withdrawal of Desmond Tutu’s passport making it impossible to travel by apartheid system, as well other documents like the ANC school, Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO).



Series I – Subject Files

Box 0001
0001. Aggett, Neil, 1982
0002. ANC and the struggle, 1981
0003. ANC Peace proposals, 1989
0004. Anti-Elections, 1984
0005. Black Education
0006. Blanke Bevrydiging Beweging (BBB)
0007. Botha, P.W, 1980\1988
0008. Central America
0009. Comments on De Klerk, 1989
0010. Gandhi, by Salman Rushdie, 1993
0011. King Sabata, 1989
0012. Mandela’s message, 1980
0013. Mbeki, Thabo: Apartheid Reform, 1983
0014. Mugabe, Robert, 1975\1980
0015. Naidoo, Jay: Trade Unions, 1987
0016. Nujoma, Sam


Box 0002
0017. The Nation (reflections on South Africa), 1984
0018. Progressive schooling, 1969
0019. Psychological erosion of S.A, 1980
0020. Reagan and South Africa, 1981
0021. Reflection on South Africa, 197 6
0022. South African Council of Churches and Genscher, 1986
0023. South African opposition parties, 1971
0024. Sport (Cricket and Rugby), 1980\1982
0025. Third World, 1969-1979



Series II – Publications

Box 0003
0001. ANC Combat 1981-1982
0002. The Black Dwarf: World struggle, 1969
0003. Dollars for apartheid, 1983
0004. Educators against Racism, 1990
0005. Hlanganani, 1985
0006. Joining the ANC, 1990
0007. Repression, 1984



Series III – Subject Files

Box 0004
0001. ANC statement – All white elections, 1981
, Death sentences: Johnson Lubisi, Tshepo Mashigo, and Naphtali Manana 
Mandela Football Club, 1989 
Situation in Southern Africa, 1984 
Withdrawal of Desmond Tutu’s Passport, 1981
0002. ANC Information Pack
0003. Afro-Asian, 1984
0004. Archival, publicity and fund-raising material
0005. Articles on SOMAFCO, 1984
0006. College Publicity Committee, 1984
0007. Conferences of African experts on cooperation, 1982
0008. Conference of ANC, 1991
0009. Correspondence, 1982-1989
0010. Documentary-feature” The Encounter”
0011. Dutch Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1983-1989


Box 0005
0012. Frontline states Swnmit, Arusha, 1984
0013. Maduna, Penuell in New Zealand, 1988
0014. Meetings, 1984
0015. Memoranda, 1983-1985
0016. Needs for SOMAFCO and Dakawa
0017. News round up, 1985-1988
0018. Novosti Press Agency, 1987
0019. Papers Economic perspectives of South Africa (incomplete) ca 1989 US Religious Right in South Africa, 1988
0020. Photo-laboratory, 1983-1985
0021. Poem dedicated to King Moshoeshoe Two
0022. Reports, 1984-1985
0023. Revolutionary ideas (Gurus)
0024. Seminar, 1984
0025. Solidarity News, 1985
0026. Tambo, O.R, Address to Tanzanian community, 1985
0027. Telexes, 1985
0028. Violence, 1984