RECORDS, 1960 – 1990

(bulk dates, 19877 – 1990)

7 Boxes (.7 linear meters)

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Historical background on SOMAFCO Department Of Political Education

SOMAFCO Dept. of Political Education was born out of the nature of the college, that is, a political school that came about as a result of political events, which erupted particularly in Soweto 1976 by students, then spread to other parts of the country. As a result, many young people left the country into exile where they joined the Liberation Movement with the aim of continuing the struggle for the eradication of apartheid system.
At SOMAFCO they joined hands together with elderly members of the ANC for the realization of this aim. Education became one of the fronts for the SOMAFCO community in the struggle against apartheid. In order to do wage this struggle, it needed a body of politically matured personnel for guidance. Thus, the Dept. of Political Education was established in 80s for this task. DPE was therefore responsible for discharging political work to all sections of the complex.



Scope and Content Note

The SOMAFCO Dept. of Political Education is comprised of. 7 linear metres and one series: Subject files. The series spans the years 1960-1990. It contains topical issues on a variety of events and occasions that took place in and outside the complex. 
Reflections on the political programmes of the ANC students abroad, activities of the Anti-Apartheid Movements and the non-governmental organizations in solidarity with the oppressed South Africans, ANC statements on a number of events that took place in and outside the country, papers dealing specifically with education and the role of youth in it.


Series I – Subject Files

Box 0001
0001. The Africa Fund, 1988
0002. ANC Consultative Conference, 1984-1985
0003. ANC Youth Conference, 1982
0004. ANC Youth Summer School (Hungary), 1980
0005. Agriculture in South Africa, 1984
0006. Anti-Apartheid Movement (Canada), 1989
0007. Anti-Apartheid Movement (Ireland), 1986-1990
0008. Anti-Apartheid Movement (Netherlands), 1982-1983
0009. Anti-Apartheid Movement (U.K), 1982-1988


Box 0002
0010. Apartheid history, 1978
0011. Australia: Black rights, 1987
0012. Cadre policy, 1977
0013. Cradock, 1986
0014. Dakar Conference, 1987
0015. The Durban Six (in British consulate)
0016. Economics: Post Apartheid South Africa, 1985-1988
0017. Educational papers, Educational needs, Education for revolution, Education in South Africa, The role of youth Political economy of education
0018. Fifth Summit Conference: African States, 1960
0019. Finland: Teacher-Training course, 1986
0020. First ANC Students Conference: Moscow, 1977
0021. France liberation Committee (French language), 1990


Box 0003
0022. Freedom Charter
0023. Free school Durban, 1987
0024. German Democratic Republic, 1974
0025. Harare Conference (Violence against children), 1987
0026. History workshop: Johannesburg, 1978


Box 0004
0027. Holland Committee on South Africa, 1990
0028. Human Rights Commission, 1980-1990
0029. International Defence Aid Fund (IDAF), 1974
0030. Letters: D.T Goldberg to P.W Botha, 1985  Allan Boesak to Andriaan Vlok, 1989
0031. Library Information Workers Organization (LIWO), 1990
0032. Luthuli, A statements
0033. Mandela’s 70th Birthday, 1988
0034. National Committee Against Removal, 1986
0035. National Education Crisis Committee (NECC), 1986
0036. Netherlands solidarity documents


Box 0005
0037. Nkomati Accord, 1984
0038. Nordic Student Project, 1988
0039. Novosti Press Agency, 1982-1983
0040. October 26 Municipal Election
0041. OAU strategy for liberation in South Africa, 1980
0042. Papers: Employment policies, Azania (naming of S.A), Growth and development, Neocolonialism, Resettlement in S.A, S.A & Swaziland, SA &US


Box 0006
0043. Political discussions, 1982-1983
0044. Political staff unit report, 1983
0045. Profile: basic facts about apartheid
0046. Religious affairs, 1974-1988
0047. Reports on S.A aggression, 1983
0048. Reports on Unesco, 1978
0049. Robben Island
0050. Second ILSA – workshop (Aid to Liberation Movement), 1981
0051. Seminar: PLO\Rhodesia


Box 0007
0052. Sohyo Japan Trade Unions
0053. Solidarity file (history of S.A)
0054. SOMAFCO report: exploratory visit, 1988
0055. S.A political parties
0056. S.A pressclips, 1989
0057. S.A scholarship fund (SASF), 1988
0058. S.A dossier
0059. SOWETO Parents Crisis Committee, 1985
0060. Soviet-Asian Committee, 1989
0061. Speeches: O.R Tambo, SOMAFCO, 1980-1983
0062. Statements, 1970-1991
0063. State of emergency, 1986-1987
0064. Struggle for Democracy, 1986
0065. Sweden (Africa Group), 1980-1989
0066. Trade Unions, 1988
0067. United Democratic Front (UDF), 1984
0068. UNESCO, 1981
0069. Working brigades programme