RECORDS, 1978 – 1992

(bulk dates, 1979 – 1991)

14 Boxes (1.5 linear meters)

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Historical background on SOMAFCO Library Department

The Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College Library was started in 1979, the year the school was established. The Library was located in one of Classroom before it later moved into new premises. By then it was catering for students and staff numbering about 500. In the beginning the library was run one senior student who was later joined by other student. It lacked resources in both human and equipment or facilities to the overall requirements of the college, which was ever quantitatively growing in size. The new was then built and completed in 1985. The building comprises of lending hall, reference section, periodicals and newspaper area, working room, audiovisual section, culture hall archives section-a total area of about 800sequare metres.

Until October 1987 a Finnish manned the library volunteer Librarian and several ANC members who were willing to help with library work. Through their efforts the library was moved from the small classroom to the new premises where also new services could be offered to the patrons. In the same month, October, a trained ANC librarian returned from her studies abroad, and five who had completed the Certificate course in Tanzania. With the help of new trainees, things started to change and work better unlike in the past.

Because Bantu Education had deprived blacks of the most elementary exposure to the knowledge and wonder of the universe, one of the objectives of the library was to stimulate access to the fund of knowledge and be a for both students and staff, to develop their appreciation of mankind’s cultural heritage and achievements. Most importantly was that the library provided the community of SOMAFCO with rich educational materials which it could dream to have, but restricted access to in the Then Apartheid South Africa.


Scope and Content Note

The SOMAFCO Library collection is comprised of 1.5 metres and two series: Correspondence, and Subject Files.

The Correspondence series spans the years 1979-1992. It reflects the transactions between the authorities and the heads; requisitions and requirements of the library to meet wants and needs of patrons.
The Subject Files series spans the years as above. However, it shows the overall activities that were executed in the library and how various expectations of patrons were met. The question of training, donors, and volunteerism are covered in this series.



Series I – Correspondence


Box 0001
0001. Njobe, Wintshi, 1979-1980
0002. Lahti, Marjatta, 1988-1991
0002a. Lahti, Marjatta, 1986-1991
0003. Lahti, Marjatta, Asp, Tiina; Sipila, Sinika, 1986-1991


Box 0002
0004. 1983-1987
0005. 1984-1992
0006. 1988-1992
0007. 1990-1992



Series II – Subject Files


Box 0003
0001. Audiovisuals list, 1987-1991
0002. Book lists, 1979-1990
0002a. Books, 1987-1989
0002b. Books and periodicals, 1988-1989


Box 0004
0002c. Books and periodicals,1989
0002d. Books and periodicals, 1990
0003. Cash accounts, 1990-1992
0004. Circulars


Box 0005
0005. Consignments, 1987-1990
0006. Equipments, 1986-1991
0007. Finnida, 1990
0007a. Finnida, 1990 cont.


Box 0006
0008. Finish Library Association, 1987-1989
0009. IFLA, 1989-1990
0010. Library Associations, 1989


Box 0007
0010a. Library Associations, 1990
0011. Library Furniture
0012. Library rules, 1987-1988
0013. Library staff, 1984-1991
0014. Library statistics, 1987-1990


Box 0008
0014a. Attendance books


Box 0009
0015. Loan book, 1990
0015a. Library statistics, 1987-1990
0016. Meetings, 1978-1990
0017. Memoranda, 1985-1988
0018. Minutes, 1987-1990


Box 0010
0019. Music collection list
0020. Orders
0021. Overdue list
0022. Photographs and booklets notes
0023. Press publications
0024. Progressive Library Association
0025. Projects: Archives and Library


Box 0011
0026. Project: ANC Library, 1987-1993
0026a. Project: ANC Library, 1990-1993


Box 0012
0027. Recordings: Audiovisual section
0028. Reports, 1980-1990
0029. Requisitions, 1983
0030. Shelving services
0031. Solidarity organizations, 9187-1990
0031a. Project ANC Library, 1990


Box 0013
0032. Technical Drawing Committee, 1982
0033. Tickets reported lost
0034. UNESCO, 1986-1990
0035. User book
0036. Video programmes
0036a. Video Films
0037. Volunteers



Series I – Correspondence


Box 0014
0001. Correspondence, 1987-1990
0002. Diaries
0003. Students Ledger