RECORDS, 1979 – 1991

(bulk dates, 1979 – 1989)

12 Boxes (1.3 linear meters)

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Historical background on SOMAFCO Primary School

The establishment of the Primary School was necessitated by children of the members of the ANC who had had no facilities for schooling under the control of the organization. The children were at the ages of 7 and above. It was also uneasy to have them placed in local English medium schools. Apparently, the original plans of the school complex lacked primary school facilities. This situation became a concern to the ANC, which later took steps to put right. As a result, sketches for the primary school 
were discussed by the ANC educationalists. Their approval enabled a detailed drawing work that led to the commencement of the construction of the primary school in April 1983.

“Our schooling system is the alternative to Bantu Education. And Bantu Education is not merely a watered-down version of academic tuition: an inferior level of tuition. It is, more importantly, a schooling system which seeks- and, we fear, possibly to a frightening degree, succeeds in imparting certain attitudes toward self and society among caught up in it. Our system, therefore, should not concentrate purely on one aspect – the academic- but should seek to foster a complete alternative value system as implied in the ANC Education Policy Document”.

The ANC Education at the school was based on sound teaching principles and a broad curriculum. It strived to compensate for the particular omissions and distortions of the previously narrow and unpractical Bantu Education. The education at primary sought to reinforce and develop the political and social values forged in the struggle for liberation. Furthermore, the Primary School was aimed at providing the children with basic facilities and equipment and to enable them to have a solid educational grounding in order to understand the world around them.


Scope and Content Note

The SOMAFCO Primary School collection is composed of 1.3 linear metres and three series: Subject Files, Subjects Taught, and Reports.

The Subject Files series spans the years 1981-1991. The series documents various activities that took place at the Primary School: teaching guides which demonstrate how teaching of the children was conducted at complex; topical papers on education and politics; creative works of pupils in terms of poetry, and other programmes which took place at the school.

The Subjects Taught series contains documents on the syllabi and various subjects for the children.

The Reports series spans the years 1981-1988. The series gives overall activities of the Primary School from its inception. Included is the report of the ANC National Education Council about its account on the Primary School.



Series I – Subject Files


Box 0001
0001. Advisory Planning Council (APC), 1984-1986
0002. ANC-SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency),  1985-1986
0003. Application forms
0004. Art\Craft, 1985
0005. Attendance Register, 1985-1986
0006. Background information
0007. Certificates for Masupatsela, 1991
0008. Children’s Magazine, 1986
0009. Children’s Teaching Aids


Box 0002
0010. Children’s supplies
0011. Circulars, 1985-1988
0012. Code of Conduct
0013. Correspondence, 1989-1990
0014. Culture, 1985-1989
0015. Curricula, 1981-1987
0015a. Curricula, 1981-1987


Box 0003
0016. Dormitory routine
0017. Guides for referrals
0018. Graduation ceremony (Grade Sevens), 1989
0019. Films and video programmes
0020. Information on events
0021. Inventories
0022. Job description (Secretary)
0023. Meetings, 1991
0024. Memoranda, 1983\1987
0024a. Memoranda, 1983\1987


Box 0004
0025. Papers- Aims of Primary Education
Automatic promotion
Education of the Pioneers
Education Policy of the ANC
Formation of the ANC
Invasion South Africa (Early contacts)
Methodology in the Primary School
Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA)
Youth affairs
0026. Photographic Exhibition
0027. Pioneers Correspondence,1983-1989
0027a. Pioneers Section- Invitations, 1984, 1986-1988, n.d
0027b. Pioneers Records, 1987, n.d
0027c. Pioneers Organisation, n.d
0027d. Pioneers Section, 1982, 1987, n.d
0028. Poems
0029. Post cards


Box 0005
0030. Press cuttings, 1987-1988
0031. Pre-Vocational Training: Primary & Secondary divisions, 1985
0032. Prograrnmes, 1981-1988
0033. Registers


Box 0006
0034. Schemes of work
0035. A Song Bambanani
0036. Sports
0037. Staff, 1986
0038. Statistics
0039. Telexes


Box 0007
0040. Teaching guides 0040a, 0040b
0041. English (has one extra folder: 0041a)


Box 0008
0042. Learning environment & strategies
0043. Notes
0044. Pre-reading techniques
0045. Print script
0046. Strategies
0047. Workshop programme
0048. Zimbabwe People’s Union (ZAPU): Pupils Programme



Series II – Syllabus


Box 0009
0001. Subject Taught, 1991
0002. Biology, n.d
0003. English, 1991, n.d
0004. The Farming System in Africa, 1987, n.d
0005. Geography- Mapping Skills, 1980, n.d
0006. Heath, 1991, n.d
0007. History, 1979, n.d
0008. Science, 1986, n.d


Box 0010
0009. Animals Science, 1991, n.d
0010. Science: Astronomy, n.d
0011. Science: General, 1986, n.d
0012. Science: Classification, 1982, n.d
0013. Science: Teaching Aids, n.d
0014. Maths, 1989, n.d
0015. Maths Lessons, 1982,1991, n.d
0016. Geography Information, 1981, n.d
0017. Geography Notes, Tests, 1988, n.d


Series III – Reports


Box 0011
0001. Adult literacy\Nursery\Primary Panel, 1982
0002. Dormitory, 1986
0003. End of Year, 1981
0004. Examinations
0005. Half Year, 1984
0006. Monthly, 1984
0007. National Education Council (NEDUC VII), 1988
0008. Pioneers, 1981-1987
0009. Primary, 1984


Box 0012
0010. Pupils Progress (has 2 extra folders: 0010a and 0010b)
0011. Situation at the Primary, 1986